D.O. Ribera del Duero Wines

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Enter the fascinating world of wines from the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin, where wine tradition meets passion for excellence. We invite you to discover the key elements that will help you choose the D.O. wine. Ribera del Duero perfect for every occasion.

Ribera del Duero, altitude and continental climate

The altitude and continental climate of the region significantly influence the character of Ribera del Duero wines. The vineyards located at high altitude provide intensity and complexity, while the continental climate favors thermal contrasts that promote slow and balanced ripening of the grapes.

Red grapes of the country, the hallmark

The Tinta del País grape, also known as Tempranillo, is the jewel of Ribera del Duero. Its notes of black fruits, firm structure and elegant tannins define the identity of these wines. When choosing a wine from this region, the presence of Tinta del País is a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

The touch of oak

Aging in oak barrels is a distinctive characteristic of many Ribera del Duero wines. The oak provides complexity, aromas of vanilla and spices, and contributes to the structure of the wine. The length of breeding time (young, breeding, reserve) is something to consider depending on your personal preferences.

Diversity of Ribera del Duero wineries

The Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin is home to a wide diversity of wineries, each with its unique style. From the most traditional to the most innovative, the choice of a winery can influence the flavor profile of the wine. Explore and discover the diversity of options available.