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What distinguishes Catalan cavas is their exceptional quality and versatility. It is the Mediterranean climate of Catalonia, with warm summers and mild winters, which provides ideal conditions for growing the grapes used in its production.

Furthermore, the varied and mineral-rich soil of the region, together with the careful selection of native grapes, contribute to the creation of cavas with a unique expression,

From the driest and most elegant brut nature cavas to the sweet and seductive dessert cavas, the diversity of styles available offers something for all tastes and occasions. Whether to celebrate a special moment or simply to enjoy a drink in good company, Catalan cavas are the perfect choice to elevate any occasion to a higher level.

We invite you to discover our careful selection of Catalan cavas, each of which tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship and oenological excellence. Join us on this journey of discovery and celebrate the magic of Catalan cavas with every sip.

Types of Catalan cavas

Brut Nature

This is the driest and most elegant style of cava, with practically zero residual sugar content. Brut nature stands out for its freshness and liveliness, with balanced acidity and citrus and mineral notes. They are ideal as an aperitif or to pair with seafood and fish.


Brut cavas are slightly sweeter than brut nature, with a slightly higher residual sugar content. They retain a notable freshness, but also present subtle notes of white fruits and florals. They are versatile and can accompany a variety of dishes, from starters to light main courses.

Dry (Extra Dry)

This style of cava has a slightly higher residual sugar content than brut, which gives it a rounder and softer character. Dry cavas usually have notes of ripe fruits and a subtle touch of sweetness on the palate. They are an excellent option to pair with Mediterranean cuisine dishes or as an accompaniment to not very sweet desserts.

Semi dry

Semi-dry cavas are sweeter than the previous ones, with a higher residual sugar content that provides a soft and silky texture. They have intense aromas of tropical fruits and flowers, and are perfect as an accompaniment to desserts and sweets.


Sweet cavas are the richest and most complex in flavor, with a high residual sugar content that makes them ideal for the end of a meal or to celebrate special occasions. With notes of candied fruits, honey and spices, these cavas are a delight for the palate.

Other designations of origin available:

Priorat Wines

Priorat wines, with their bold character and rustic elegance, are an authentic expression of the region's unique terroir. The vines, rooted in slate soils known as "liquerellas", struggle to survive in extreme conditions, resulting in grapes of exceptional intensity and complexity.

Montsant Wines

When tasting a Montsant wine, you are transported to a world of sensations where the aromas of ripe fruits, wild herbs and spices merge into a symphony of unforgettable flavors.

Empordà wines

Empordà wines capture the very essence of its diverse and captivating terroir. With vineyards stretching from the coastal plains to the rolling hills of the interior, this region offers a variety of microclimates and soils that give its wines a unique richness and complexity.

Menorca Wines

Each bottle of Menorca wine is an ode to authenticity and craftsmanship, made with care and dedication in small family wineries that preserve the centuries-old traditions of the island.

Selection of Champagnes

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