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The wines of the Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin offer an extraordinary diversity of styles that delight the most demanding palates and captivate wine lovers around the world. From the elegant and balanced reds to the fresh and aromatic whites, here you will find a careful selection of Utiel-Requena wines to accompany your meals.

The young red wines are the pure and fresh expression of local grapes, such as Tempranillo and Garnacha, standing out for their lively fruit notes and juicy character on the palate. Ideal for everyday consumption, these wines are a celebration of the youth and vitality of the region.

The red wines, Crianza and Reserva, on the other hand, show greater complexity and structure, the result of careful aging in oak barrels and bottles. With notes of ripe fruits, spices and toasted nuances, these wines are a testament to the passage of time and the patience of the producer, offering a unique and rewarding sensory experience.

The whites, made mainly with the Viura variety, dazzle with their freshness and elegance. With aromas of white and floral fruits, and a bright acidity that revitalizes the palate, these wines are perfect to enjoy on any occasion, whether as an aperitif or accompanying light fish and seafood dishes.

And we cannot forget the vibrant and refreshing pinks, which embody the joy and carefreeness of summer. With their pale pink color and fresh red fruit aromas, these wines are an explosion of flavor in every sip, making every moment even more special.

Characteristics of Utiel-Requena wines

Variety of styles

Utiel-Requena produces a wide range of wines, from robust and structured reds to fresh and aromatic whites, through vibrant rosés and elegant sparkling wines. This diversity of styles allows consumers to find the perfect wine for every occasion and flavor preference.

Native grapes

The Bobal grape is the emblematic variety of Utiel-Requena and is the undisputed protagonist in many of its red wines. Bobal is known for its ability to produce wines of intense color, with fruity flavors and a notable tannic structure. In addition to Bobal, other local and foreign varieties are also grown, such as Garnacha, Tempranillo and Macabeo, which contribute to the diversity of the region's wines.

Mediterranean climate

The Mediterranean climate of Utiel-Requena, with hot summers and mild winters, provides optimal conditions for growing grapes. The long sunny days and cool nights during the ripening season promote good ripening of the grapes, resulting in wines with excellent concentration of flavor and natural balance of acidity.

Varied soils

The soils in which the grapes for these wines are grown are diverse, but clayey-calcareous soils predominate, which are ideal for viticulture. These soils allow good drainage and water retention, which helps regulate vine growth and contributes to the quality of the grapes.

Barrel aging

Many of the red wines from Utiel-Requena go through a period of aging in barrels, which can vary from a few months to several years, depending on the style of the wine. This barrel aging adds complexity and structure to the wines, developing additional aromas and flavors that make them even more attractive to wine lovers.

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