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In our online store, more than simply buying wines, we invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of bottled Lanzarote. Each wine tells a unique story of the island, where sun, sea and land come together to create something truly extraordinary. Elevate your special moments with our exceptional wines and discover the authentic essence of Lanzarote in every sip. Welcome to an unforgettable sensory journey!

Information of interest for buying Lanzarote wines

Discover the richness and uniqueness of the wines of Lanzarote, an island that is home to authentic wine treasures. We invite you to explore the perfect fusion between the exceptional climate, the volcanic soils and the passion of its winemakers, all encapsulated in each bottle.

Lanzarote, land of volcanoes

Lanzarote, known as the "Land of Volcanoes", offers a unique territory that shapes the personality of its wines. The volcanic soils, rich in minerals, contribute to the intensity and complexity of the flavors. Each sip is a sensory journey through the land where it was born.

Native varieties

Lanzarote's native grapes are true oenological jewels. Malvasía Volcánica, with its floral notes, and Listán Negro, with its robust character, are just the beginning. Discover how these unique strains intertwine to create wines that express the authenticity and identity of the region.

Lanzarote wine making process

In Lanzarote, the art of winemaking is a tradition that is mixed with innovation. From meticulous harvesting to controlled fermentation and precise aging, each stage of the process reflects its winemakers' commitment to excellence.

Selection of Lanzarote wines

We invite you to explore our exclusive catalogue, where each bottle is carefully selected to offer you the best of Lanzarote. From fresh whites that capture the essence of the ocean to reds that awaken the senses, you'll find a variety for every special occasion.