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Palo Cortado Monteagudo

Palo Cortado Monteagudo is the most sought-after wine in the corners of wineries. It combines the virtues in the nose of the best amontillados and in the mouth of the most select olorosos. It is a wine that was born fortuitously, the result of a mystery that has yet to be solved. Complex, very long. It motivates both solitary meditation and conversation in company.

From the 100% Palomino variety, this wine has a biological ageing process in its beginnings, although less than Amontillado, to then go on to oxidative ageing. It has been aged for about 12 or 14 years using the soleras and criaderas system in American oak casks. 

Bright amber in colour, it has powerful notes of nuts, especially almonds and hazelnuts, although there are also notes of nuts and coffee. Aromas derived from wood are appreciated. On the palate it is very dry and complex, standing out for its breadth and persistence. It's a bit milder than Amontillado, but not as milder as Oloroso.

It can be enjoyed on its own, to appreciate all its infinite nuances, or with a good cigar. In any case, it pairs perfectly with traditional cuisine, being an excellent accompaniment to stews and stews.


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Palo Cortado Monteagudo
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