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Paco y Lola is a Galician winery located in the DO Rías Baixas, known for its fresh and aromatic Albariño wines. Founded in 2005, it stands out for its modern approach and distinctive polka-dot label, as well as its commitment to sustainability.

Paco y Lola is a dynamic and modern winery located in the heart of Rías Baixas, Galicia, one of Spain's most prestigious wine regions. Founded in 2005 by a group of viticulturists, the winery has become famous for its wines made primarily from the Albariño variety. This native grape thrives in vineyards with granite and sandy soils, providing ideal conditions for producing fresh and aromatic wines. The flagship wine of Paco y Lola is its Albariño, renowned for its fruity and floral notes and vibrant acidity.

In addition to Albariño, the winery also produces other white wines and some reds, all maintaining the quality and distinctive style of the house. Paco y Lola employs sustainable viticulture practices, respecting the environment and promoting biodiversity in their vineyards.

Paco y Lola stands out not only for the quality of its wines but also for its fresh and contemporary image, symbolized by its striking polka-dot label. The winery has captured the attention of both critics and consumers, receiving numerous awards and recognitions. Its innovative approach and dedication to excellence have established Paco y Lola as a leading producer of Albariño in Rías Baixas.

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